Exposure data for online media in a mixed media planning database

Date of publication: June 14, 2004


The paper describes a new research approach designed to create a comprehensive planning database for online media vehicles. The model combines user-centric information (target group characteristics and media consumption) and site-centric data derived from technical server measurements (page impressions) into one unified pool of data, thus facilitating online media planning at the page-exposure level, in other words, planning based on a freely selectable number of exposures. The planning database allows us to evaluate planned exposures in view of target group reach, target group affinity, exposure distribution and overlapping between online media and print and TV in complex media schedules. Finally, several exemplary analyses and case studies are presented to demonstrate the possibilities offered by this planning database. The paper is intended to contribute to the current debate in Germany on establishing a new currency for evaluating online media and mixed media planning.

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