Face to face but not eye to eye

Date of publication: June 15, 2015


The respondent of yesterday answered the phone, gave their time, and we were grateful. Today’s panellist is paid for their views and we often mistrust their motives and data. What of tomorrow’s respondent? They will be on a mobile device that is sure, but what does that mean? Does mobile imply ‘out and about’? Does it mean we can no longer command 30 minutes of uninterrupted concentration? The respondent drives what we can, and cannot, do. So what do they think and where are they heading? This is an interactive session split into two parts: 1. Results from new research done in 7 countries on today’s mobile consumer – how they use mobile devices to get and share opinions 2. A panel of real panellists, on stage, talking about their experiences and answering audience questions

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