Farmstat Portugal

Date of publication: February 1, 1996


This paper is about FARMSTAT Portugal, the first Portuguese panel specially designed for agricultural marketing research and opinion studies. Its functional structure is explained, giving emphasis both to implementation functions and routine functions. The process of sample design is carefully described, having in mind the two initial purposes of the panel: market research studies and opinion studies. The methodology used was based upon the design of representative farming systems’, with data from last census. Expected areas covered by the panel are presented. After that we go through interviewers selection and farmers recruitment processes, putting emphasis on two items: interviewers profile and delegating farmers choice on the interviewers. The most important adaptations made to the questionnaires as a consequence of Portuguese agriculture conditions are shown, and the reaction of farmers to the questionnaires is discussed. In the end we pass through the most important stages of the process, and give notice of the market research study on agrochemical consumption made in 1995 with FARMSTAT Portugal.

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