Fine fragrances

Date of publication: June 15, 1993

Author: Gerry Landers


The paper considers some different factors which have influenced the marketing of Fine Fragrances and whether successful brands from the fast moving consumer goods market can provide any clues to improve the success rate in the Fragrance field. Section I briefly considers Fine Fragrance developments this century. Section II asks what can be learned from FMCG brands. It is clear that some brands are able to defy life-cycle theories and experience in a wide range of markets suggests that whilst the formulation remains important it is the blend between product characteristics and consumer needs which is vital. Section III considers the key lessons from various FMCG brands. Section IV looks at the applicability of various types of quantitative and qualitative market research. Section V highlights the fundamental requirement and shows how key fragrance brands CHANEL 5 OPIUM and ANAIS ANAIS all fulfil this. Section VI suggests how greater success can be achieved in the Fine Fragrance field by building an integrated NEEDS POSITION and creating a credible BIG IDEA.

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