From 70,000 to 177,000 subscribers

Date of publication: June 15, 1985


On March 15 1970 the board of directors and staff of Misset met to consider one of the first multi-year plans. The market situation and possibilities were discussed. Extra attention was paid to the situation in agriculture, concerning both the market as well as the products we already had on the market. 1 can still see the former marketing director juggling with graphs on a board, recalls one of our senior staff members. For example this one from which you can see the dramatic decline in the amount of subscribers to Boerderij, one of our prominent publications. And the future did not look any brighter due to governmental reorganisation in agriculture. In other words you understand that something had to be done. I will tell you how this was achieved and what the results were. In order to do so it is necessary to know more about the company Misset and the agricultural market in the Netherlands. I will be brief about both these topics and then resume the thread in 1970 with the previously mentioned meeting. I shall go into the matter of the contribution market research makes and has made in improving editorial formulae, and the marketing operations of a trade journal.

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