From black & white to colour

Date of publication: September 1, 1994


The release of ANC leader Nelson Mandela and unbanning of the ANC in 1990 the eradication of all apartheid legislation from the statute books in 1993 and the first democratic multiracial general election in April this year have introduced dramatic changes to South African society and business. The South African marketing industry generally, and the marketing research industry specifically, have been slow in recognising these changes and adapting to them. In the past four years only two major industries studies, the All Media and Product Study and Socio Monitor, have attempted to integrate their sample bases to present results not based on race group separation but rather on lifestyle and value group similarities. Results of a postal study conducted amongst members of the Southern African Marketing Research Association and the Association of Marketers supports the hypothesis of this paper, namely that South African marketing research practices have not remained relevant to the brand new South Africa. The paper is concluded with recommendations as to how the South African marketing research industry needs to adapt to the political changes that have taken place to remain relevant to the marketing industry.

Christiane von Ulmenstein


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