From broad concept to market test or "the cowl makes the monk"

Date of publication: March 1, 1975


Everyone acknowledges that product presentation enhances the intrinsic value of a product. For pharmaceutical products, packaging is also a useful part of product presentation. But, product presentation can be an integral part of the product itself, as in the example which will be presented to you. Marketing often focuses its research activity on the product itself, giving emphasis to possible new claims for the product or new uses for the product, or to improvement of communication strategy for the product as a part of a group of products. Market research in advance of the launch of a new product, allows a new product to be positioned in a suitable market segment. The product, with which we were concerned, is "HYPAK"—a pre-filled syringe. It is a glass, single-use, syringe, filled with injectable pharmaceuticals, presented sterile, with or without a needle attached to it and ready for immediate use.

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