From the horse's mouth

Date of publication: September 22, 2002


Over the last ten years the amount of information that consumers receive each day has increased. Consumers are more sophisticated and acknowledge advertising but remain highly averse to irrelevant messages. Marketing, however, has hardly changed. How will marketing develop over the next ten years? Incite Marketing Planning has completed major research into this question. Marketing will be easier and more enjoyable once marketers stop banging their heads against the wall of consumer indifference and realise that people like advertising and are happy to watch it - but it has to be good advertising. As a result, our approach to marketing will change. We will: find more ways to interact with our consumers; concentrate on developing proper relationships with our consumers; focus on satisfying our most important consumers; and use the company's own employees as its best salespeople. In turn the average marketing department will have a broader remit. It will become more complex, and marketers will become more specialised. Finally it will become more powerful and influential.

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