Future developments in milkreplacer

Date of publication: November 24, 1976

Author: Hans Spieksma


The future is entirely in the hands of the consumer, whose decision is determined by his living standards and habits, as well as by the image of the various types of meat and the price developments of the individual types of meat. These prices again are determined by a lot of factors, there also exist close connections between the various types of meat. This complicated combination of forces leads to a resultant or to a real consumption of meat, part of which is white veal. We have identified and analysed above a number of important points or factors, but exact conclusions cannot be drawn from it. In my opinion it can roughly be concluded that no big changes in respect of veal production and consumption will take place. Due to exterior circumstances (like problems around milk-surpluses) the fluctuations in the profitability, which have taken place since 1972, will probably continue progressively and consequently increase the risk. This may have consequences of course for the smaller companies in the milk replacer industries.

Hans Spieksma


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