Geodemographics and its application to the study of consumers (Spanish)

Date of publication: June 15, 1997


The investigation from markets in general support in the data demographics for their designs methodological. These data from population and living place is it so structured according variables as age, sex and division political- administrative The systems from segmentation geodemographic make his input so much ex-ante as ex-post; ex-ante, optimize the preparation of the draft, the definition of the universe or group objective and they need he framework and the selection sample; ex-post, he analysis from the results and the Explanation from phenomena detected. Systems from segmentation geodemographic require from information for enrich yourself enrich quantitatively accessing to new bases from data censuses. Only may get rich qualitatively, knowing best to the consumer. Know best to the consumer, their motivations perceptions, attitudes, similarities and differences is own from the Investigation from Markets.

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