Green issues in Britain and the value of green research data

Date of publication: September 1, 1990


The last few years have seen an enormous increase in Britain in interest in environmental matters, and protecting the environment has become a major issue throughout the world. Suddenly, it seems, politicians have developed green agenda, a whole range of companies has a green policy, all British newspapers and major television channels have appointed environmental correspondents, and so it goes on. All this offers researchers, advertisers and others, major opportunities. This paper examines the behaviour and attitudes of the British general public towards the environment, and the specific uses which have been made of green research data by research buyers. It sets out to show how both qualitative and quantitative findings have been used to maximise the value of the research to the user. Three specific case histories are highlighted. The first, a general public study which was co- sponsored by environmental organisations and the findings submitted to the EC Parliament to strengthen their case for environmental legislation by the Parliament The second, two studies conducted among drivers for a car retailer in the UK, the findings of which served to encourage them to develop a greener stance and improve their service to customers, and finally, both qualitative and quantitative research on green issues conducted for and by an advertising agency among the general public and senior managers in British business, the results of which helped them in discussing marketing strategy with many of their clients in relation to the environment. This paper builds on earlier contributions by the presenters on the environment.

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