Grouping of skills the application of research techniques to a problem or job mobility

Date of publication: June 15, 1976


This paper describes a case study in the application of research techniques to a problem concerning occupational mobility. In 1975 the Training Services Agency, under the aegis of the UK Manpower Services Commission, initiated a project called "Grouping of Skills". The underlying theme was the need to develop a unified vocational preparation system, the strategy "to find a means of relating people and jobs to each other in terms of the skills and knowledge possessed or required." A research programme was then designed to tackle this problem area. In the present paper, we have outlined the philosophy, the research methodology, some findings, hypotheses and ideas concerning the future, based on Phase 1 of the research programme. Some of the practical applications of the research are also discussed with indications as to how they can contribute to the fundamental problem of creating greater occupational mobility. The case study is based on a particular occupational band - TECHNICIANS - and, as well as contributing to the development of the overall research programme, it has provided valuable indicators as to the nature of technicians' jobs.

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