Hallo, this is qualitative research speaking!

Date of publication: December 1, 1995


We live in a context made of a hundred parallel societies and we see a variety of behaviour and consumption patterns. Above all, we know they are rooted in a complex process that involves not only the emotional level, but also the rational, cultural and relational. In light of this, our traditional viewpoint, focused as it is on the individual, seems to be somewhat limited, especially because it does not assure stability and extensibility of results. A multidisciplinary approach could be a useful way to overcome these limits and improve our results, giving them more value and predictive value. To see how different approaches work, and find where they can be applied, R.Q. carried out an experimental project on mobile phones. Four discussion groups were carried out and data were analysed independently by two market researchers and a group of experts - an anthropologist, a Semiotician, a communications sociologist and a psychoanalyst.

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