Harmony colourant advertising research

Date of publication: March 1, 1978


Following the results of research into preliminary advertising concepts for Harmony Colourant, the Agency has produced a commercial in animatic form on video-tape with a linked in the soundtrack. The objectives of the research were, therefore:

1. To determine the extent to which the new commercial motivated intention to purchase Harmony Colourant amongst both users and non-users of the brand (whether they are users or non-users of other semi-permanent colourants);

2. To assess the success of the new commercial in communicating the brand attributes;

3. To determine the level of success of the new commercial in answering the doubts/questions in women's minds concerning the use of hair colourants (both Harmony and other brands), outlining any areas of information which are still perceived to be incomplete. 

4. To assess reactions to the various alternative names for Harmony Colourant which would appear on the pack. 

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