Highly developed research in less developed countries

Date of publication: June 15, 1984


The paper identifies a trend towards greater sophistication of research in the developing world, and considers how some of the practical issues posed by Third World markets - diversity, religion, culture, language and literacy, sampling problems and scaling constraints - impinge upon research implementation. A number of techniques now commonly used in Western markets are examined in terms of their application to developing countries, both the modification required to make them effective and the degree to which they can yield reliable results. The techniques discussed are factorial-design experiments, repeat preference and extended use tests, advertising pre-tests, design tests of packaging and durables, Trade-Off, Brand Price Trade-Off, simulated test markets and market measurement. The paper concludes by considering the overall features necessary for application of sophisticated research to the developing world, and argues for a team approach as the method most likely to achieve success.

David N. Aldridge


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