Hitting the moving target

Date of publication: June 15, 1993

Author: Timm Sweeney


The music consumer of today is an unpredictable and ever changing target. However, they are still consumers. Understanding what choices they are making in listening to and buying music, and how this behaviour may not follow apparent and predictable patterns is critical for those involved in the production and distribution of pre-recorded music if they are to maximize returns on their marketing investment. Part of this understanding is the realization that music can be (and in fact ought to be) thought of in terms of being a branded product. It is the performer(s), the music, the performance, and the physical recording itself, taken as a whole, which constitutes the brand. Branding and brand marketing is as important in music as it is in any other consumer product category. Consumers purchase music brands (be they concert tickets, music videos, or pre- recorded cassettes and CD) not only because they like the sound of the music being performed. They are also drawn to a Particular brand because it has an identity and appeal beyond just the music and the performance. Identifying and understanding this identity and appeal (which can often be counter-intuitive to expectations of behavior based on consumer typology) is critical for successful marketing to a mercurial and contrary consumer.

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