How can a Chinese manufacturer discover their international customers through integrated methodologies?

Date of publication: December 4, 2017

Company: Kantar

Authors: Alex Tu, Jeff Tsui


Target consumers for many Chinese manufacturers are based internationally, and accessing an accurate view of their audience is more imperative than for those living in the same culture as their market. As Chervon expands further into the US and Canada with the plan for the first battery powered ride on lawn mower, the need for consumer data in the form of tangible, actionable insights was identified. The geographical disconnect is the case for many Chinese manufacturers. As trade agreements face tension under the new US presidency, it has never been more imperative to understand the audience and maximise market share for the future.

Alex Tu


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Jeff Tsui


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Catalogue: Congress 2006: Foresight

Author: Alexei Bogdanov


September 17, 2006

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