How distribution research contributes to the solution of distribution problems in the publishing trade


The present paper by Dr. G. Ypma and Dr. B. Stoppelman is mainly born from the fact that everybody in publishing is confronted with distribution problems. A distribution seminar like this puts these issues right in the middle of the limelight. In order to give you an insight into the Dutch problems, to give indications how we, of V.N.U., solved these problems and in order to obtain a feedback on our methods as well as obtaining insights in what other publishers in other countries are doing we decided to write and to present the present paper. In order to present as much body as possible we decided to refrain from window dressing and to restrict ourselves to basic facts and problems, even if the latter may not have been solved optimally. If we could draw your attention to these areas and generate a discussion on these points, not only to our, but to the advantage of the complete assistance, this paper has served its purpose.

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