How facial coding helps to optimize communication

Date of publication: April 7, 2019

Catalogue: Latin America 2019


Developing successful communication is becoming more and more difficult every day, particularly because people are exposed to an exponential number of stimuli, which makes them block out everything they do not consider relevant for their survival and/or more intrinsic needs. However, in order to help brands and their communications succeed in their business objectives, new technologies and theories about how people make decisions are being developed. First of all is the neuroscience development allowing a better understanding of how the brain works. For example, exploring the now well-known brain systems, one intuitive (System 1) and the other deliberative (System 2), strong conclusions about the impact of emotions in advertising, and later in building valuable brands, are being made. On the other hand, facial expressions are recognized as a manifestation of the unconsciousness of our emotions and thanks to technology advancements, facial coding can be used in a scalable way to better understand how advertising impacts human emotions. Then again, facial coding should not exist as an isolated element of communication understanding; it is important to have a holistic understanding between emotions and deliberative responses using direct questions. Therefore, in order to demonstrate the power of holistic analysis with System 1 and System 2, this paper explores three real cases of creative development for one of the most important companies of FMCG in Latin America: Alicorp. These cases helped to build successful campaigns that positively impacted Alicorp’s business and their brands.

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