How far can we go with international planning systems?


The avalanche of information in the media, and in particular on TV, has made the media users demand more and more return on their investments. Today it's a common habit for advertisers with an international dimension to determine the level of effective coverage to be reached in each country. Initiative Media has implemented the IMPROVE system in Europe over the last couple of years, which allows an international coordinator to answer homogeneously for each country, by means of counting people meters raw data following local specifications. Thanks to this experience we know some of the ways in which to succeed in technological transfer in the media. First, we will see why the approach that we use at present is possible and why it was not possible to apply it a couple of years ago. Then we will see how data from different origins can be processed using the same tool (IMPROVE) and how this tool works in response to an advertiser's problematic, no matter which country is concerned. Finally, by means of a simplified but real case study, we will see how responding to the same brief can create fundamental differences (or similarities) in the choice of Day-Parts according to the country.

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