How marketing research can increase the efficiency of retail distribution


With the constant evolution of techniques available for gathering and interpreting objective information on consumer's behaviour, it is of increasing interest to consider the possibility of using more scientific methods on which to base the policy and planning of distribution enterprises. Among these methods are those of Marketing Research which have now been tested for some years in the field of retailing, and the time seems therefore ripe to consider how valuable an aid to profitability these methods have proved on the two important aspects of: 1. Research with a view to opening new points of sale 2. Research to establish the main lines of the commercial policy of a distribution enterprise. For each of these problems the methods of research will be outlined and their practical advantages as well as the advisability of adapting them according to each particular type of retail a enterprise (Department Stores, Chain Stores and independent retailers) will be considered. It is perhaps useful to add that although in the present report only retail outlets are considered, many of the methods mentioned are adaptable to similar problems facing other enterprises providing services to the public such as Cinemas, Restaurants, Banks, Travel Agencies, etc.

Edoarda Sanna Della Porta


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