How should a product score in a blind test to stand a chance in the market?

Date of publication: September 1, 1976

Author: Jörg Rehorn


On the basis of practical research experience gained over many years the author has formulated guidelines for the interpretation of product test results. These guidelines are minimum ratings a product should score in a product test if it is to have a chance of survival in the marketplace. The minimum ratings refer to questions that it is common practice to ask in product tests: - preference for the test product; - overall impression of the test product; -comparison with product previously used; - purchasing interest in the test product - price expectation (i.e. how much are the test persons prepared to pay for the test product?). The better a product performs in each category and the more categories there are in which it does so the greater is the probability that the product will not fail in the marketplace on account of its product features. 4 case studies are quoted for illustration.

Jörg Rehorn


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