How to design and execute online research

Date of publication: May 14, 2020

Catalogue: Webinars 2020


COVID-19: The emergence and spread of this virus have forced us to make changes in our behavior like no other event in recent history. Economic conditions in many countries, including Indonesia, have decreased significantly. Economic turnover has been "forced" to pause for an instant, and now is adapting to the new reality.

In short, consumer behavior has been "changed" by COVID-19 and is forcing companies to adapt quickly.

The big question is, after COVID-19 over, will the business climate change back to normal to its previous condition? Or maybe the business ecosystem will change to a new normal after COVID-19?

Practically, we have to be ready for any changes, including the Marketing Research Industry. Therefore, at this time we would like to share new innovations and research methodologies, that are friendly and compatible with the COVID-19 environment and new approaches that will be useful for clients after COVID-19.

The webinar, powered by ESOMAR, is run in collaboration with the partner association PERPI (Perhimpunan Riset Pemsaran Indonesia), Indonesia Market Research Association.

Saurabh Sardana


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Jonathan Lai


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