How to reward interviews

Date of publication: August 1, 1975


The carrying out of this research has a double origin: 1. A general purpose with a deontological characteristic Market surveys are based on information given by the interviewed people who accept to provide it. It appears as rather unfair that these interviewed people should not be informed, as a reward, of the results of the survey, especially as a well conducted interview often contributes to stir up their interest in the subject which has been dealt with; 2. A methodological purpose regarding the medical field It is becoming increasingly difficult, in France, and more especially in the Paris area, to obtain an appointment for interviewing a general practitioner. And the difficulty to obtain these appointments seemed to us liable to distort the results of the survey. Therefore, we have looked for means to offer to the interviewed practitioners a double reward (money and information) in order to restore the quality of research in the medical field.

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