Human relationships in organized holidays (French)

Date of publication: August 1, 1967

Author: Pierre Ouvrard


The travel Agency who entrusted the OFFICE TECHNIQUE DE LA VENTE with the study has met with a considerable increase of sales in the last few years. Therefore the Agency is obliged to study permanently the range of organised holidays to be proposed to a clientele they have not a thorough knowledge of, ignoring the yearnings and motivations that guide the choice of the travellers-to-be. Consequently the object of the study was to identify the clientele, to analyse its deep motivations, its reactions during the journey and the eventual satisfaction they get out it. The results were to permit the adjustment of the type of journey and of the programmes to a better known clientele and to define the most efficient commercial means able to attain the Agency's object. The problem was set in terms of classical marketing but the observation of the clientele during the trip contributed elements closely related to sociological studies. We will insist mostly on this part of the study.

Pierre Ouvrard


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