Identifying problems and organising survey data


When a pharmaceutical company raises a precise problem with a Market Research Institute, the resulting study and the conclusions are given to the client in the form of an exact answer to his questions . The statistical data used is "organised", in terms of the problem. We can say that the problem has been well identified and that, consequently, the data of the study has been organised to solve the problem. But if it is a question of collective surveys which provide solutions to many problems we find two difficulties: - the first one is to identify the problems; for which the collective survey must create information. - the second one, consequent upon the first, is to organise the results of the collective study so that they can be used in an easy way. DOREMA tried to get this work done and published a small booklet on this subject. We had two intentions by doing this: - to simplify the training of new market research executives in the pharmaceutical industry - to guide our own conception in regard to the presentation of our studies .

Marlene Bernhard


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