Identifying, tracking and targeting viewer segments

Date of publication: June 15, 1998


The authors utilized the Nielsen Quadrant Segmentation System to create audience analysis tool that evaluates television network programming strategy by day part, such that the four segmentations of the Nickelodeon audience are isolated for on-going tracking and audience duplication with other Nickelodeon day parts (and competitive programs). Custom Captation of the Nielsen system was developed in order to recognize differences between primary, secondary and tertiary programming sources. This multi-dimensional view of the Nickelodeon audience goes beyond traditional quintile based segmentations that look only at a single pension of viewing. The analysis explains how Nickelodeon set actionable goals in terms of ratings maintenance and growth for specific audience quads as well as a means to track the delivery of goals. Ratings growth and decline can be documented as to the source of the increase and decrease and specific tactics evaluated as to delivery and non- delivery. Finally, the means for targeting viewer clusters within audience quadrants through Nickelodeon’s Viewer Track System is demonstrated.

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