Images under the magnifying glass

Date of publication: August 1, 1967

Author: Herbert Flögel


Our fundamental aim was to develop a new and more refined technique of image research which would be so simple to apply that the test persons to be questioned would not have to undergo too much strain, yet the results obtained from the interviews should lead directly to new avenues of approach and hence towards more effective marketing and product policies. Our test series finally and after long and thorough experimenting produced a new brand image test method, the so-called MRK Test. This new test method relies on the mathematical concept of multiple regression and correlation. The abbreviation name of the test "MRK" consists of the first letters of "multiple regressions and correlations". What the multiple regression approach is basically trying to achieve is this: we are seeking to find out to which degree we are able to predict the actual buying behaviour from variables that are within our reach, and then seek to determine which weight these variables have in the ultimate buying decision of consumers.

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