Improving the quality and efficiency of life-style research

Date of publication: September 1, 1974


This paper presents the results of research currently underway to develop more efficient life-style studies and to identify which aspects of life-style are most relevant to management. In particular it examines three principal issues: 1) the use of a conceptual framework for developing lifestyle statements; 2) alternative procedures for collecting and analysing life-style data and; 3) the type of life-style profile likely to be most useful to management. The present research suggests a number of guidelines for developing improved life-style studies. In particular the use of a conceptual framework for developing life-style statements and for analysing life-style data is strongly advocated. Further research is however, needed to test the use of alternative scales and methods of collecting life-style data as well as to assess the relevancy and efficacy of alternative kinds of life-style profiles.

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