In quest of the Holy Grail

Date of publication: June 16, 2004


Advertisers seek accountability: ad effectiveness of media should be an integral part of planning and evaluating schedules, taking into account both single media and cross media effects. It is important that all media types are comparable from OTS (Opportunity to See) to CTS (Certainty to See). The problems begin by defining OTS in a comparable way. There is a lot of research, but are we measuring the same thing? If we go to Certainty to See we not only have problems in defining the same indicator, but also face the question of validity. The grey area, interaction between advertising message, design, brand, media performance and interest in the product/advertising, may blur any such study outcome. As a better alternative to ad recognition, Intomart GfK and Verify have refined the ARF model step 4 by using a specific application of eye-tracking technology, providing a new metric measured on similar levels for all media types. The factual Advertising Contact (fAC) as an additional propensity to OTS gives a new dimension to the accountability debate. The ultimate objective is to provide a media planning tool with Certainty to See indicators which are comparable between all media.

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