In search for the most ideal site location for a shop

Date of publication: June 15, 1993


Cees Moorman and Maijan Smit both work at Ahold Vastgoed BV as Head Market Research and Head Customer Radius Research. Because of the close cooperation between Customer Radius Research and Site Location Research a Market Research Department is formed within Ahold Vastgoed BV. Ahold Vastgoed BV is concerned with the expansion and management of real property for the subsidiary companies of Ahold NV. Before expansion of real property can be realised (expanding existing shops or acquire new shops), first the most appropriate location must be known. Everywhere where people would like to be a customer Albert Heijn wants to manifest itself. In other words, Albert Heijn feels as well at home on the Lijnbaan in Rotterdam with many office customers, shoppers and local residents as in Sint Philipsland with well over 1700 inhabitants. The site location of a new shop which will realize the best market position, can be found by analysing existing shops.

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