Insight, cultural diversity, revolutionary change

Date of publication: September 15, 2010



'If we known about semiotic analysis earlier and commissioned some before going into this market it would have saved us $18 million'. That remark made in 1999, apropos an emerging Eastern European market, came from a senior client at a multinational drinks company which went on to commission semiotic and cultural consultancy in Russia, China, India, Brazil and a wide range of other developing markets. Drawing on the perspectives of an expert in global semiotics and a top brand strategist and planner based in India, this paper shares more than a decade's experience and current best practice learning derived from the application of semiotic techniques. This paper will provide you with everything you need to know about an essential tool for understanding emerging markets and how to use it to optimum effect.

Hamsini Shivakumar


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Malcolm Evans


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