Interactive marketing in a new world order

Date of publication: June 15, 1995

Author: Peter Sealey


I would urge you to become as proficient in information technology as your sons and daughters. Learn the meaning of Complex Instruction Set Computing, Reduced Instruction Set Computing, RAM, ROM, WORM, Baud, bits, bytes, graphical user interface, Power PC, Windows NT, Chicago, MPEG, JPEG, SCSI, PCM-CIA, OCR, flash memory and all the other language of the new era. You have to do it. Buy a laptop. Subscribe to Info-World, Wired, PC Magazine and MacUser. Sign up for America Online or Prodigy. Get an Internet address. I believe that the excitement we will have in the next decade will be comparable to the profound changes Western society experienced in the early 13th century. The world came out of a thousand years of stagnation that was the dark ages and experienced anew empirical science, secular debate, art, music, literature and freedom. It is a time for a modem Copernicus or da Vinci to astound us and pique our senses in ways we have yet to imagine. We are entering a glorious time.

Peter Sealey


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