Date of publication: August 23, 1981


The papers themselves will be of interest and value to delegates. The scene will be set by a careful positioning of research within strategic marketing planning - a paper from an experienced international researcher corporate planner in an American multinational. This will be followed by a paper on the profitability which can result from research in marketing - using research to develop and launch a successful new brand Into a European market. There are three papers on profitability from research within the company and again, we have two speakers here from the user side. Profitability from research for researchers is covered with a thoughtful paper on the value of thinking by a researcher from New York. Research to improve the profitability of government and social policies will be covered in a joint ESOMAR/WAPOR session, which will include papers from Germany, France and the United States. Profitability from research in advertising will be covered both from the technique side with a paper from Holland and by looking at a major corporate advertising research project for a multinational British-based oil company - again a paper which involves two people from the user side of research. The penultimate paper looks at our investment in research and casts an eye on what we should be doing - this is a paper from an agency researcher, a statistician - but a statistician who thinks about the implications of the way research is, and should be, approached.

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