IoT and market research

Date of publication: March 19, 2018


The Internet of things (IoT) has disrupted several industries in the recent years. Logistics, medicine, manufacturing, and much more but market research is not one of them. Several reasons explain this, but the main reason is that the data required by this industry is collected from personal beliefs. But what happens when we stop searching for what the consumer thinks and start analyzing what they do? With this shift of paradigms, IoT can be helpful, tracking specific consumer actions in different contexts. Our case today shows how IoT disrupted data collection in market research in some specific situations. We present this case jointly with Grupo Familia, one of the biggest consumer tissue companies in Colombia and Latin America with different business units and customers in different sectors. For a company like Familia, understanding the way users of public washrooms use their products and in general personal care products is very important for designing better solutions, products and having a competitive solution for their B2B business, where the variables are very different from consumers.

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