Is 'taste' international

Date of publication: June 15, 1983


One of the longest running arguments in international marketing is whether the same product should be marketed in a wide range of countries, or the individual requirements and taste of each country be allowed to predominate. This paper illustrates this argument in the area of fragrance in Western Europe. Fragrance is a market in which strong subjective opinions are held about the 'type' which appeals in France, or Germany or the U.K. Nevertheless there has been an increasing tendency to market 'world' fragrances. Just how possible is this? Avon is well known for its successful world-wide marketing of cosmetics and fragrance. This paper describes the development of a new premium priced men's fragrance by means of extensive simultaneous product testing in three countries. Using Sensory Testing techniques, 21 fragrances were tested in each country, with both men and women. To sharpen understanding of difference in taste, couples were recruited.

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