Is the tree-test applicable as auxiliary mean for poll-research?

Date of publication: June 15, 1963


In poll-research we have increasingly to solve functions concerning the character of people. In order to do this we need suitable methods for diagnoses, but specially such methods which are applicable to our current polls, and not only to non-recurring special-missions with a greater frame of charges and time. Therefore we can neither use extensive series of tests nor many other tests which would not correspond to the original task of the questioner. It would also need too much test material and time. Therefore it is doubtful whether the questioned persons would be ready to cooperate (e.g. old women at far off villages). Positively expressed: we do not have to deal with "single-characterology" which describes us a certain person with its own peculiarities. We do quite a different thing, also when characterising: we compare groups of tests, population classes, that means cross sections of questioned people. These are the facts we state. I would suggest to express it clear with the word "society-characterology”.

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