Jambo Africa

Date of publication: November 28, 2004


The hypothesis of this paper is that current perceptions and practices on conducting market research in third world countries, and Africa specifically, are like putting a square peg into a deep, dark round hole. The result is usually one of two things: no research is conducted, or flawed research is conducted resulting in inadequate insights and data. The authors wish to point out that it is often the premises on which research projects are built as well as the practicalities of carrying out the research which, when challenged and changed, will allow for successful research. Flexibility and understanding are key to conducting meaningful research in Africa. Moreover, delight and insight will abound if a series of simple steps and processes are followed - and it is these steps and processes that we will discuss in our paper through the use of examples based on our extensive work on the African continent. The authors propose that they will offer a resolution to current misconceptions on the state of research in third world countries.

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