Key global trends impacting the practice of market research with an awarding-winning case study on automation

Date of publication: July 25, 2019

Catalogue: Webinars 2019


Our world is constantly changing, and insights professionals everywhere are faced with the ongoing challenge to adapt our methods and approaches to change with it. In this webinar, you will hear first about some of the key dimensions of that change followed by a deep dive on one specific element of it: the use of automated tools for analyzing qualitative data. As researchers, we tend to focus more on action and actors, ignoring slower-moving societal changes. In this presentation, you will hear about new research data on global trends in media usage, technology, AI, consumer sentiment, attitudes to trust and privacy and more, and how these trends might inform consumer behavior in the future. Automation is now front and center in any discussion of the future of research. With the goal of learning the benefits and drawbacks of using research automation, SKIM and Danone launched "(Wo)man vs. Machine" a head-to-head competition between human researchers and automation technology. Each team was tasked with analyzing self-recorded consumer videos using different research methodologies: automated tools vs traditional human methods of analysis. The results should be of interest to both qual and quant researchers.

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