La recherche media et publicitaire

Date of publication: June 15, 1991

Author: Paul de Win


I would like, in preamble, to make three remarks. Please consider my presence among you as a symbol of willingness to support and cooperate, a symbol also of the need for collaboration with specialists familiar with the problems of Advertisers. I am not a research expert. I am fortunately surrounded and supported by qualified people, including Tom Neumann, whom many of you know. but I have an obligation of result for my Members, that of keeping the publicity within the framework of a certain deontology, that of making this advertising more effective and more profitable. We have more than an hour this morning. My intention is not to make an ex-cathedra statement, but to try to engage in a dialogue and get you into the world of Advertisers, to try to share our problems with you and find solutions

Paul de Win


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