Le Pelerin

Date of publication: November 1, 1979

Author: Anne Coudreau


The researches conducted on the readership of LE PELERIN show clearly that the public is more traditional than French Society as a whole. But it doesn't mean that to go on living, it must not adapt itself to new ways of reading magazines or new forms of attachment to the Church. On the contrary the opportunities for LE PELERIN are real ones also. The first one is the stability itself of the selling figures. The second one is the renewal of traditional values in French Society, return to nature, roots and environment. The third and very important one, is the renewal of religious feelings and new forms of participation to the French Community. All these mean that, as LE PELERIN played an important part in the past for a large segment of population, it may hope to continue to do so in the future if it manages its opportunities properly.

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