Less is more: Being deprived often brings out the best

Date of publication: June 15, 2015


This is a presentation that shows the power of taking something away. In a world where we are used to asking for more, while we indeed already have more, it seems almost backward. In the world of research where we ALWAYS want MORE it seems even more absurd. More sample (big data), more questions (that too long questionnaire), more use (forced home use tests), more magazines for my collage exercise, more people in the group/sample… more! More! More! This presentation highlights that we CAN in fact get MORE with LESS. Sometimes it is as simple as watching with NO questions…or SOUND. Having non-use as the goal rather than use. Having no stimuli, and no moderator, we explore and give examples of approaches that have succeeded in getting more with less in both the qualitative and quantitative worlds.

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