Lifestyle segmentation of the Chinese consumer

Date of publication: March 28, 2004

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2004

Author: Forest Ma


Although lifestyle research is abundant in western countries, similar research is absent in China due to historical reasons. More recently researchers and organizations have begun to pay attention to the differentiation of Chinese consumers. Based on such research and our comprehension of the lifestyle of Chinese consumers, the author deems that there are three basic life-orientations of Chinese consumers: family-oriented (traditional), achievement-oriented, fashion-oriented (self-expression). The lifestyle classification scheme of Chinese consumers presented in this paper is based on the CMMS (China Marketing and Media Study), which was conducted by Sinomonitor International in conjunction with BRMB International and Telmar International since 1997. CMMS is a single source database of marketing and media information, linking Chinese consumer media habits and branded product data.

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