Machine learning evolving computer vision (Spanish)

Date of publication: May 14, 2018

Company: Kantar


How to extract great insights from satellite imagery? Last few years have seen enormous growth on AI-based data-enrichment techniques. Automatic sentiment and topic identification in text documents have become ubiquitous. Image tagging and brand-detection are now mainstream. Taking advantage of these techniques, we trained a model capable of identifying the Socioeconomic Status of a delimited region relying solely on satellite imagery. The model, when joined with other geographical features, can be used to create rich attractiveness models, sampling frameworks and more. New advances in Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning have pushed forward Computer Vision. In this section we will describe how the great availability of image-data and new computer algorithms have triggered a revolution on Computer Vision. We will also explore how this new models can be leveraged in a market-research context.

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