Magazine reader involvement improves ROI

Date of publication: June 19, 2003

Author: Britta C. Ware


The Involvement Index, presented at WAM 2002, has been embraced as a breakthrough, enabling qualitative data to be effectively incorporated into the planning and buying process and sparking debate over the best ingredients for the Index, along with lingering questions as to the quantifiable impact of reader involvement on ad recall. An Involvement Alliance of magazines led by Reader' Digest sponsored a research project led by Knowledge Networks with the objective of determining the extent to which the MRI involvement measures are related to recall of actual ads. Pilot study results suggest that there are significant links between the MRI qualitative measures and magazine ad effectiveness. The most significant correlations to advertising recall based on the extension analysis were time spent reading; place(s) of reading; and page exposure. The purpose of this paper is to provide the pilot test results and analysis of the methodology as well as indications for the main study.

Britta C. Ware


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