Making a newspaper more reader-friendly

Date of publication: June 15, 1993

Author: Gaby Bachofner


Analysing research data for Tages-Anzeiger in 1990 made it evident that reading meant glancing at articles or reading headlines only. The aim was therefore to improve the intensity of reading by making the readers spend more time reading an issue of Tages- Anzeiger. It was supposed that enlarging the reading time would improve the reader- newspaper-relationship and generate renewals of subscriptions. In order to find out how a reader is attracted by an article and how he reads an article we decided to register the eye movements of the reader while he is reading an actual issue of Tages-Anzeiger and to conduct an interview afterwards with him in order to learn more about the selection process. This paper illustrates the relationship between the satisfaction of the reader by reading a newspaper and the efficiency in the process of reading this newspaper- based on the daily newspaper Tages-Anzeiger. It points out the items that enable the reader to select the relevant information in the most efficient way. In addition it is shown by what measures the newspaper was made more reader friendly and efficient to read.

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