Making data dance

Date of publication: May 11, 2004

Author: Dieter Korczak


What are the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development at a regional level? This key question led to the search for an indicator system that could measure it. The author differentiates between the subjective quality of life (SQL) and objective quality of life (OQL). SQL includes well being, time as a precious good and senseful goals for the own biographical life-span. OQL is measured by indicators like participation, safety, prosperity, education, health, beauty and environment. Roughly one-third of the population has a 'satisfaction paradox' because their SQL is significantly higher than their OQL. The author has measured the OQL for all parts of Germany, finding that the city of Heidelberg and the district of Ludwigsburg rank highest. In using this information for responsible marketing a new attitude is required: an interest in consumer satisfaction, the improvement of the local and regional quality of life, in long-term profitability and by this in sustainability. Examples are provided for regional quality of life marketing concepts.

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