Management and model for research in comparative management

Date of publication: September 1, 1974

Author: Ivo Dujmovic


Marketing research techniques and methods are useful in an enterprise provided it is marketing oriented. The paper presents a brief review of the main prototypes of models for research in comparative management, challenges some of the assumptions on which models have been built, and states reasons why a European researcher could not use literally these models - developed by Americans - to compare management in enterprises in different socio-economic systems. The combined model for research in comparative management rests upon the earlier innovation, but it introduced the elaborated functional areas development of which are rather decisive for survival of an enterprise in a market economy, and redefined the management group and its "philosophy", which, for European situation and different socio-economic systems, should be treated in a wider sense. The combined model consists of five research fields.

Ivo Dujmovic


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