Mapping the Emotional Landscape

Date of publication: April 24, 2024

Catalogue: Latin America 2024

Company: SKIM

Author: Jorge Quesada


Learn how to leverage the power of emotions to connect with consumers more deeply

How do customers react emotionally to your product content, prices and products? And how do those responses impact their choices?

Emotions are the hidden catalysts driving consumer decisions. For brands to win consumers? hearts, they must tap into people?s hidden emotional responses and discern how these feelings shape decision-making. However, since emotions are abstract and multifaceted in nature, it can be challenging for companies to effectively harness their power. In this paper, we will share how marketers and insights professionals can measure and decode emotions to better connect with consumers, influence decision behaviour and build brand loyalty. You will learn a unique, three-step approach that combines qualitative and quantitative research?with the power of AI?to decipher people?s emotional responses and their subsequent behaviours. 

Jorge Quesada


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