Market research? Come on, this is serious!

Date of publication: September 19, 2004

Author: Omar Mahmoud


Market researchers wish to bridge the current gap between market research and its use for business decisions. This paper argues that such a gap exists primarily due to the difference between the findings of market research that are focussed on the market and the consumer on the one hand, and business decisions that incorporate a multitude of factors on top of the market and the consumer such as financial, trade, and corporate organizational elements. The gap between research and business decisions is often widened by ineffective practices on both sides; the researchers and the decision makers in the planning and deployment of research, sub-optimum organizational structures, as well as research communication issues. This paper outlines the key factors hindering the optimum incorporation of research into business decisions, from the researchers and decision makers' perspectives, and recommends actions on the conceptual, organizational, execution, and communication levels.

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